a meme mudlarked in the vast fields of interplanetary computer network

“I considered it desirable that he should know nothing about me but it was even better if he knew several things which were quite wrong.”
― The Third Policeman, Flann O'Brien

Hi! I’m Vanya. I write stories and publish them on Nova Nevédoma, my main website that hosts all my work to date. I have two novellas written, two short story collections coming up, a few novels in the works, and many other things.

This place is my blog, a public journal, a platform to share ideas and things I’m passionate about in free form. The topics include: life, books, stories, narratives, writing, literature, reading literature, writing literature, creativity and art(s), artistic antics, [sometimes esoteric] philosophy, obscurities, absurdities, languages, internet, tech, memes and memetics, psychofauna, logic, lunacy, schizomaxxing, and many other fun and intriguing things — whatever is on my mind.

I created this blog to be more social rather than anti-social as I inadvertently tend to be sometimes, to practice kindness and open-mindedness, to meet new people, to make new friends, and hang out with existing ones, many of whom happen to be writers and readers here, on Substack. I’m also an active contributor to the

Social Club (which is also on Substack), so I thought that my presence here would be beneficial for me, for the club, for my friends (and for the universe). If you’re reading this, I hope we can become friends too!

As I mentioned, you can find all my other works of fiction and non-fiction here. I have many short stories and two novellas:

  • The Debut Project — it features the fantasy City N, criminal schemes, laser guns, two-headed lizard gangsters, bloody massacre and other fun elements.

  • The Deleted Scenes From The Bestselling Utopian Novel — Through an intricate web of dreamlike vignettes, the nameless protagonist grapples with the dissonance between their inner world and the oppression of the totalitarian regime in which they live.

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